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Todd Laitar

Corporate Videographer

Visually capturing and producing videos for all corporate training and events as a resource for all agents
· Custom video taping & production for agent brand videos and client testimonials

What's something most people don't know about you?:

I studied Classical Animation. I was a producer/director for 7 years. I’ve shot and edited 2 videos with Canadian rock Icon Kim Mitchell and one with the BNL/Kim Mitchell.

What motivates you to get to work:

I love to learn, capture and create. To be able to do these things daily as my career is all the motivation I need. I love to hear feedback or read comments about my work, it’s great validation I’m doing things well or pushes me to work harder and be more creative.

What does your day look like?:

For shoots, prep equipment, charge batteries, verify cards are transferred, I pack all the equipment, arrive early to set up. During events it’s a lot of running around capturing as much details as possible. For interviews, picking the right environment, setting the scene, lighting, ask the right questions to tell the story. Editing (at home) I work in sections, review footage, cut it down, find music, remix the footage, build graphics, colour grade, sound design. As well, posting finished videos

What do you love about where you WORK?:

Working for RE/MAX Escarpment is great! I love the many different personalities of the staff and agents and the Zurini family treats you as their own. The events are top notch, with no expense spared. Whether it is an office meeting, educational event, Christmas party, award ceremony, they are super organized and they run like a well-oiled machine.

What do you love about where you LIVE:
Burlington, although expensive, is amazing. The city is large with a small-town feel. It’s super accessible to all major highways, it’s clean and has tons to offer. We have our beautiful Spencer Smith park which hosts many festivals throughout the year. Sound of Music, Canada Day fireworks, Food Truck festival, Ribfest and many more.

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