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Eric Johnson

Manager of Agent Productivity and Growth

Business coaching, Business model and planning, marketing, time management, goal setting, motivation, emotional intelligence and leadership

What's something most people don't know about you?:

I’m a Templar Knight!

What motivates you to get to work:
My higher purpose is enabling success in others. I enjoy helping others achieve their goals.

What does your day look like?:
Reaching out to agents to see how I can help, checking stats to see who is doing well and needs to be congratulated, business planning with agents, creating new content for workshops for our agents, travelling between offices throughout the week.

What do you love about where you WORK?:
I have worked with a lot of brokerages over the years and I found that RE/MAX Niagara and Escarpment was at the top in terms of generating content and tools for their agents along with bringing in different specialists to help as well. This made it an easy choice for me to work here.

What do you love about where you LIVE:
I had just recently committed to a year lease in Cambridge, so I will commute for the next year but look forward to learning more about this region to see where I would like to relocate to. I am open to suggestions!! Anyone know a good agent? LOL!!

905-356-9600 Ext: 440

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