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  • What does the Marketing Department do?
    We offer services from designing, to printing, digital marketing, and more! Our most common request are Features Sheets (listing brochures), social media graphics, postcards, listings presentations, and much more. If you have an idea for a marketing project, shoot us an email - and we can see if we can help! We have several partner suppliers and print houses, as well as in-house printing facilities. We have designers and marketers on staff that can help you apply the RE/MAX brand to your marketing collateral, as well as develop your own personal brand.
  • How do I contact the marketing department?
    Email us! You can reach us at, this email address is monitored Mon-Fri 9-5.
  • What is Realintro?
    We created to be the most innovative personalized pre-list/website/social selling tool. Realintro ensures that our agents have relevant, current, and accessible content to help them build their business. This easy-to-update tool allows you to post and display their testimonials, stats, articles, videos, and listings all in real time. Utilizing a centralized content portal provides email tracking, analytics, and heat maps. This personalized website is customizable by agents, but is also equipped with real-time brokerage statistics and features including a Solds Data interactive map. When you first joined the company, your profile would have been created! Go to to log in and get started.
  • What is Realmarketing?
    Think Canva on steroids! Realmarketing is an online design tool chock-full of RE/MAX Escarpment and RE/MAX Niagara branded content and completely customizable templates. Fancy yourself a designer? You can also create from scratch using tools that rival Adobe InDesign. Best of all, this tool is paid for by your brokerage and exclusive to our agents. The Marketing Department is here to help you every step of the way if you need it. You can also manage your marketing collateral yourself with MLS integration and Brand Assets which are available to simplify the process. Click here for more info, and email to get started!
  • Should I have a Facebook Business Page?
    If you ask our Corporate Marketing Coordinator - the answer is yes! But of course, it all comes down to your unique business needs. A Facebook Business page allows you to be searchable online, easily opens a direct line of communication with consumers and, perhaps best of all, allows you to run Facebook Ads. Facebook is still the world’s most-used social platform (Hootsuite 2022), and most people who are present on other social media platforms are also active on Facebook.
  • Do I need to be on Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/YoutTube etc?
    It depends. Each platform has a slightly different user base, and you need to ask yourself: is my ideal client on this platform? Instagram has less users than Facebook, but they are more engaged and tend to be slightly younger. Tiktok is even younger, but it is growing fast. Twitter has only 2% of the user base of Facebook. Youtube has the second highest user base, but requires high quality video. If you are already on Facebook, Instagram is a natural next step since they use the same ad platform and allow cross-posting. As for other social media platforms, it comes down to A) If you have the time to commit to being active on the platform and B) If your ideal client is on the platform. It is only worth your time if it has the potential to grow your business, not just your social following.
  • What should I post on my business profiles on social media?
    Before you post on social media, ask yourself:is this on brand? Does this show that I am an authority in the industry? If the answer is yes, post away! We have lots of social media graphics you can share on, Realmarketing, Max Centre, and the brokerage social media profiles. You can share pre-made content and also your own original content. Don't forget to engage with other people's content as this will also help your own page. The key is balance - 80% of your posts should be informational and educational (i.e market stats, industry news, community events, even your personal life), and 20% should be direct call-to-actions (i.e home evaluations, private showings, lead generation etc.). You want your page to be a place that consumers want to visit and and a place they feel empowered by high-qualityreal estate knowledge. Online users are at all stages of their buying or selling journey, so you want your page to have content for every stage of that process. If you only post listings, your page may only be interesting to buyers looking to buy today. But you want to attract users who might be buying or selling today, one month from now, six months from now, one year, or even longer! Social media is a great place to nurture leads every step of the way.
  • I'm new to the industry, where do I start with marketing?
    The Marketing Department will be there with you every step of the way, starting with the basics: signs and business cards. We will take care of getting you set up on Realintro and on our website. Probably the most important steps you need to do are: 1. Get content on your Realintro page and 2. Leverage the RE/MAX brand! Explore Office Tools including the “Video” tab for training content and “Resources” for downloadable marketing collateral. Familiarize yourself with our team of specialists and read some of the most recent internal newsletters. Get to know your new brand family and take advantage of all the Continuing Education courses by registering for everything you can. Can't find what you are looking for? Use the “Chat” button in the bottom right corner to message us and we'll get back to you ASAP.
  • I've got my signs, business cards, and Realintro page. What next?
    Congrats! You are now ready to start crafting your own personalized marketing plan. Your plan is as unique as you are, but here are our recommendations: 1. Get a Facebook Business Page. 2. Create a content schedule for Realintro and social media. Posting at least once a week is a good starting point, but if you can do more, great! 3. Get yourself on a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software! The kvCore CRM software will be available to all agents for free come late 2022! You can email for details. Your client email list will be the foundation of your business and you’ll want it to grow and to keep growing.
  • What is a pixel?
    Long story short, a pixel is a snippet of code installed on a website to help you track of what people are doing on your site. We have already installed a pixel on your Realintro page, and are retargeting visitors with ads for you! These ads are branded to you specifically, and will appear across Facebook, Instagram, and the Web. You can find and edit these ads at and You can sign in using your email (click “forget password” if you do not know your log in). There are also additional ads available for purchase if you are looking to expand your digital marketing plan.
  • What is SEO?
    SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Essentially, making sure you show up on a Google search! We have already done the background work to make sure your Realintro page is optimized for searches, but a big part of SEO is the content you publish to your page. It is important that you add content regularly to your Realintro page, use links, post videos and images, and include links to your social media profiles.
  • What is Adwerx?
    Adwerx is a company your brokerage is in partnership with to provide you with online ads. Click here for more information. The brokerage provides you with 1 retargeting ad that runs year round, and 1 listing ad for every MLS listing, that lasts for 7 days. There are also additional ads available for purchase if you are looking to expand your digital marketing plan.
  • How do I log in to Adwerx/edit my Adwerx ads?
    After your confirm your realintro profile when you join the company, your Adwerx profile will be automatically created! You will receive and email from Adwerx to set you password, and you can log in at at and You can sign in using your email (click “forget password” if you do not know your log in, or missed the Welcome email from Adwerx). Once you are logged in, navigate to "Campagins" and scroll down to see "My Campaigns". To edit and ad or see performance, click on "Manage Campaign".
  • How does the brokerage help with digital marketing?
    We have a full digital marketing price list available here. We can help with everything from consultations to ad creation. You need a Facebook Business page to create ads, but we can help you create a Business page too! Email with any questions. We also provide automated ads for every single agent and listing! Click here for more information.
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